Hi Mark & Cookie,

You'll of course be getting an official thank you from us, but I had to gush immediately. You guys are simply the best. There were two comments I heard repeated over and over this past Saturday- "This is the best wedding I've ever attended" and "This is the best band I've ever heard."

Not wedding band. Band.

You guys are all well aware of your sheer awesomeness and musical spectacularity but I was overwhelmed- as was everyone at our wedding. So many people thought your covers outdid the original songs. You knew exactly what song order to pick to get the crowd up, and not let them ever leave the dance floor. I've never seen such a large percentage of people stay on the dance floor for the entire wedding! So many people complained of aching feet the next day!

What really moved me the most, and also left me slack-jawed, was how many songs you learned and completely aced for our wedding. The fact that there was a complicated salsa in the bunch didn't deter you a bit- and it sounded amazing! My fiancee and I were humming it all the next day!

Most of all, though, you guys were directly responsible for what might be the happiest moment of my life. Months and months ago I told Ev that the only song that would properly end our wedding was "Come Sail Away" by Styx. Of course, this is an extremely complicated song, and over seven minutes long! I was very nervous to even ask you to learn it- and was ready to be let down. And then, to my extreme surprise a nd joy, you announced that it was the last song of the night, and I heard the opening piano riff. YOU LEARNED IT! And not only that- you NAILED IT! As all of our friends and family danced around my brand new wife and I, hands above us, I was lost in the moment and so happy I can't begin to describe it. (I attached a pic!)

Dear Lewis and The Projekt,

We want to thank you very much for the phenomenal job you all did at our wedding! You were all truly amazing and I couldn't imagine our wedding being half as fun if it weren't for you …Till this day our guests talk about how spectacular you were and how they never danced so much at a wedding before! We are so happy we chose you and so happy you were available. We will never forget how wonderful our wedding was because of you

Hi Mark!

Sorry it took me so long to say thank you! You guys played at our wedding on Nov 29th , at the Larkfield Manor. You played awesome! Pretty much the entire wedding complemented your band. Everyone was so impressed and asked about you guys! Thanks so much again, and can you please write me back with your office address or the best address to send you something?


To Cookie and The Projekt


I want to express my sincerest thanks to you and the band for making my daughter Stephanie's wedding so successful. A special "Thank You" to Mark, Lewis, Mick, Jennifer, James, Sanford, and of course, you. You guys are the greatest. If you ever need a recommendation for a prospective client, please give them our name. A band can make or break an affair. The dance floor was crowded for every song you guys did. That indicates you were awesome!!! You got the crowd on their feet. There were countless people who asked us how we found out about The Projekt. We told them it was through our cousins, the Serini family.

To the Members of The Projekt:

You're all amazing - I know it AND every one of my guests kept repeating it. All of our friends kept asking us where we found such a phenomenal band! You kept all of our guests moving and I still get a shiver of how good our first dance sounded.

Besides all of this, Cookie is the most thoughtful vendor I have ever dealt with.

We will always recommend you.

To: Mark Danti and The Projekt

Dear Projekt band members,

Allie and I just are writing to share with you our most sincere thanks for everything you did to make our wedding reception so special and so much fun. Thank you so much for making sure that we celebrated with fun, enthusiasm, and even the appropriate respect for traditions. Because of your talent and vision, we felt so excited and were able to party in style with our guests! I am still so impressed with how energetic you all are! Your renditions of our three important songs - "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," "Over The Rainbow," and "What A Wonderful World" were unforgettable. Let's not forget how you kept the party going when our guests started chanting, "One more song!!!"

Thank you for how much time and effort you put into preparing for us, especially your personal and accessible professionalism. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! You can bet that the next time we plan a party, we will be calling you! We promise to keep in touch!



On behalf of everyone who attended the MMRF Fall Gala, thank you! The music was incredible. You guys were so wonderful to work with and we never had a group dance as much as they did this year. We look forward to having The Projekt again next year!



My friends and I had the pleasure of attending the Farinella / Swab wedding in Long Island. I am a wedding Disc Jockey from Massachusetts and have played weddings all over the Northeast for over 17 years. My friends who attended the even with me have worked at a variety of banquet facilities for over 20 years.

I have seen countless bands and different types of entertainment over the years, and I just want to let you know that we thought you guys were absolutely incredible!!!!!!! Sandy and Jason picked the perfect band for their event. After seeing so many bands, DJ's, and entertainers, I have never seen a band with so much energy and such a diverse range of music. Your equipment was top notch, your sound was excellent, and we really loved the video screens and lighting.

Your two female singers have fantastic voices. The Sade song that was performed couldn't have sounded more perfectm and the lovely blonde you have in your band is one of the most beautiful and talented singers I have ever seen.

Thank you for making our experience at this event so wonderful. We'll be talking about this event for years to come.

Best Regards,